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Stan Carlstadt

Stan Carlstadt, CBCP, Cosmic Vice President of Operations, Business Continuity Services is a recognized and accomplished veteran of the business continuity industry. In addition to his many years practicing Business Continuity Planning, he has extensive experience in data center operations, communications and project management.

With 30+ years in technology, Stan has built a reputation over the past 18 years as a leader in the business continuity industry to not only listen to - but to follow. During employment at AT&T, Stan joined AT&T Bell Labs teams to ensure Business Continuity was included in all of AT&T’s newly developed offerings. In understanding that electrical power has been the #1 cause of disasters for many years, Stan and his Cosmic Technology partner Al Rennick, were responsible for co-developing and implementing the AT&T program which incorporates “emergency electrical power” into their Risk Assessment process.

Stan firmly believes in keeping to the job at hand, making sure his clients understand each step of their Business Continuity Project and that they understand the decisions made to get there. His no nonsense approach to Business Continuity is welcome and respected by both his clients and peers.

Stan is a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) through Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII). He has authored a number of industry articles and is a guest speaker at forums such as Disaster Recovery Journal Conferences and Corporate Business Continuity Symposiums.

On the personal side - Stan lives in Princeton, NJ, and has served on both his town and community planning boards. He has been an avid rower as well as sailor for many years and is very proud of his 40’ classic wood schooner. Stan is currently serving as the Secretary of the American Schooner Association based out of Mystic Seaport, CT. We warn you – don’t mention “boats” to Stan!!

Al Rennick
Mr. Rennick has over 25 years experience in the telephony and Business Continuity industry. He has focused on conducting Risk and Power Assessments and development of Service Recovery Plans for AT&T’s Directory Assistance, PrePaid Card and 800-CALLATT services. Mr. Rennick's Service Recovery Plan was used by AT&T for recovery and restoration of their network assets lost in the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001. He has participated in numerous network and data center recovery exercises as an advisor.

In AT&T, he was responsible for developing and implementing "POWER" into their Risk Assessment process. He has assisted many startup organizations to develop and carry out successful Business Continuity Programs. Prior to joining AT&T, Mr. Rennick spent the early years of his career in Bell Laboratories conducting research and development for central office maintenance systems.

Mr. Rennick is frequently requested to speak on business continuity topics at various meetings and conferences. He has written numerous articles in professional journals on Business Continuity Planning.

Mr. Rennick attended Fairleigh Dickinson University majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology. He is a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) and a member of the Disaster Recovery Journal Editorial Advisory Board. Mr. Rennick resides in the Garden State, “New Jersey”.

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