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Cosmic Software Technology, Inc. Wins the FAA eFAST Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) Contract.

Electronic FAA Accelerated Simplified Tasks (eFAST) is a small business set-aside, Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). eFAST is specifically designed to facilitate acquisition of the broad range of professional and support services needed to support the FAA's mission, goals, and operations for 2010 and beyond.

eFAST makes available an array of professional and support services that may be individually acquired to resolve specific resource requirements or consolidated to provide best value solutions. Through the eFAST streamlined acquisition process, you can quickly access Allied Technology Group's IT experts and meet your small business goals.

eFAST Benefits

  • Period-of-Performance is seven (7) years: Base period of five (5) years with two (2) one-year options
  • Overall program ceiling: $2 Billion
  • Contract types include: Fixed Price, CR, T&M/LH
  • Streamlined acquisition process
  • The FAA's preferred acquisition vehicle for small business solutions
  • First generation vehicle of its kind within the FAA
  • Includes eight (8) functional areas encompassing 40 NAICS codes
  • Multi-year, Multiple award, Blanket Purchase Agreements (not contracts)

Click here to view the FAA eFAST Contract.

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