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Position #1 Information Assurance Program Management Support

Location of the project: Washington Navy Yard, D.C.

Number of opportunities :: 1

Duration: 4 Years


IA Program Management Tasks:

• Work with Assistant CIO for IA to define and document IA business processes.

• Provide technical and application support to field component IA workforce and Program Management team members. This may be in the form of training or process improvement coverage.

• Coordinate IA strategies and planning efforts at the direction of the Assistant CIO for IA.

• Coordinate with Field IAM on Navy Firewall Compliance tasks

• Assist CIO in administration and tracking of NAVFAC User Awareness Training

• Provide quality assurance review and tracking for all System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA) documents in accordance with prescribed by NETWARCOM guidance for all NAVFAC applications, systems, servers, and networks by 30 September 2007.

• Support CIO in the accurate reporting of FISMA data to DON in prescribed formats and timeframes

• Assist CIO in working/resolving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) issues, incident and/or data calls.

IA Program Management Application Initiatives

• Manage and update the content of the IA Application, which resides on the NAVFAC Portal.

• Provide ongoing IA technical support to NAVFAC Information Assurance Managers on the execution, management, and tracking of Information Assurance Vulnerabilities and NETWARCOM tasking, including the development of IAM standardized procedures for IAVM Management.

• Work with NAVFAC Assistant CIO for IA personnel in the development of briefs, presentations, and other reporting instruments for IA Application initiatives.

• Prepare NAVFAC HQ updates to field activities regarding IA Application compliance issues, status, (such as e-mails, telephone contacts), and correspondence as required to provide effective command-wide program communication.

Business Process Enhancement Support

• Work with the NAVFAC Information Assurance Managers (IAMs) to document solutions and develop and maintain a method for their dissemination.

• Work with the IA Application workforce points of contact/team members to define specific IA Application business processes, which can be modified/tailored to optimize command resources while complying with Navy/NMCI/NAVFAC program requirements

SKILL SET: Strong oral and written communication skills and Project management expertise.

LEVEL OF EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: A minimum of five years of demonstrated experience in providing technical support for large Information Assurance and/or Information Security programs is required. Specialized expertise working with Federal and/or Defense Information Assurance, DITSCAP, FISMA and/or CISSP certification is highly desirable.

Send resume to: Recruiter, Cosmic Software Technology Inc, 14 Benedek Road, Princeton, NJ 08540. or email to

Position #3 Systems Administration support for UNIX Server systems

Location of the project: Mechanicsburg, PA

Number of opportunities :: 10

Duration: 5 Years

Clearance : This position requires a SECRET Clearance and IT-1 access authority prior to start of performance of the each individual.


Monitor and maintain the stability of every system/resource in the UNIX server environment. Address customer support issues with problem determination/analysis and resolution

Experience in supporting one or more of the following operating systems: Hewlett Packard HPUX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and VMWare ESX Server.

Experience in basic UNIX systems administration including the ability to analyze basic performance problems; knowledge of UNIX networking concepts, system problem determination procedures including running diagnostics, analyzing error logs, and carrying out dumps on the system; recovery procedures for various types of boot and disk failures; disk management; identifying system bottlenecks and suggesting corrective action; and configuration auditing and examining security elements.

More specifically, this includes
• Performing system startup and shutdown
• Using the available system management tools (both console and Web-based System Management)
• Configuring devices
• Managing print queues
• Managing physical and logical volumes
• Managing file systems management
• Managing paging space on disk
• Creating and managing user and group accounts
• Performing and restoring system backups
• Using administration subsystems, including cron, to schedule system tasks and security to implement customized access of files and directories

Experience in a highly-complex, large-scale IBM Systems390 mainframe environment, specifically with expertise in MVS/zOS/zVM operations, including Job Entry Subsystem (JES), Job Control Language (JCL) (a working knowledge, i.e. the ability to diagnose and resolve difficult problems due to incorrect JCL coding techniques). The staff member will use a Windows-based personal computer workstation using such tools as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, terminal emulators, ARS Remedy, etc, as well as have a demonstrated ability to be trained to use new software and hardware as the data center’s workload changes.

Experience in a highly-complex, large-scale IBM Systems390 mainframe environment using such subsystems as Control/M/D/R, CICS, SMS, Sysplex, Datacom, DB2, Oracle, Model204, ADABAS, IDMS, Focus, SNA, TCP/IP, VTAM, MQSeries, performance monitoring tools such as Omegamon/Mainview, Tivoli, Formula, RMF-Mon, and Netview and automation tools such as MLINKS, Enterprise Control Station, and Control/O in an Operations Control Center context.

Perform in a customer call center environment and monitor and maintain the stability of every system/resource in the Operations Command Center (OCC) mainframe environment using performance/workload monitoring tools such as Formula, Tivoli, BMC Mainview, and Control/M Enterprise Manager. Work within an IBM compatible mainframe operating system and environment to support customer processing, applications, and configurations.

Experience in one or more of the following mainframe desirable-but-not-essential skills – Tape Management System, Mainframe Hardware (DASD, Controllers, Virtual Tape Subsystems, and tape silos) in an Operations Control Center context.

Send resume to: Recruiter, Cosmic Software Technology Inc, 14 Benedek Road, Princeton, NJ 08540. or email to

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