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Cosmic Software Technology, Inc. (Cosmic) has a policy of providing responsive and leading edge solutions for our customer’s requirements. As a growing information technology company, whose primary customer is the U.S. Department of Defense, we are committed to providing the highest quality of services and products. Proof of this commitment is our establishment of a company wide Quality Management System (QMS).

At Cosmic, quality extends far beyond management inspection of the final product. We strive to accomplish two major goals. First, it is important that we provide the highest level of quality service to meet or exceed our customer’s specified requirements at a reasonable cost and we take great pride in our reputation for achieving this goal. Secondly, the company management and employees recognize the need to provide a framework to ensure continuous improvement of our service realization process so that we are pre-eminent in our industry. The QMS provides such a framework.

Cosmic’s QMP verifies that deliverables and processes meet requirements by conducting reviews and audits and by recommending corrective actions during the project or program. Quality Management is composed of two complimentary focuses, Quality Assurance that provides insight into the degree of compliance with established processes for the program or project, and Quality Control that substantiates that the processes produce deliverables in compliance with established specifications. Quality Management provides a set of planned, systematic activities that demonstrate that deliverable conform to established technical requirements (control) and processes and deliverables are performed in accordance with contract requirements assigned the various project plans (assurance). It is also the purpose of Quality Management continuous improvement.

Cosmic considers Risk Management as a critical process for managing uncontrollable project activities that may result in negative consequences to project or product performance. Our project team develops contingency plans to facilitate risk mitigation if agreed-upon goals are not met. Our Risk Management Plan (RMP) includes:

• Risk identification
• Risk analysis
• Risk mitigation
• Contingency Planning
• Risk tracking/reporting

Implementing these plans will result in consistent quality products and services with clear and concise methods for problem resolution. Formal procedures ensure that team members and management work closely to reduce risk associated with making procedural changes impacting customer products and services. Using our risk assessment tools to support contract execution will result in enhanced coordination to ensure long-term contract stability, and a standard approach to problem resolution.

Continuous team feedback enables responsive problem improvement solutions, quality awareness, and completion of high quality products and services at low risk.

The ultimate result is our ability to monitor and maximize quality, offer lower costs to the Government, and provide faster delivery of task orders.

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