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  • Over 5 years of project execution experience at Treasury related IT projects
  • Subject Matter Expertise in Taxation, Fiduciary Taxation, Ethical standards, Audits
  • Expertise in Fixed Income securities, credit derivatives, options, swaps, Stocks
  • Licensing expertise (Tobacco, Firearms)
  • Benefits Projection System, Office Tracking System
  • Strategic Planning, Conducting Focus group interviews, detecting bottlenecks and ameliorating the existing systems
  • System and Database Designing, development and administration
  • Programming in several languages






Administration of Lotus Notes / Domino Servers, including server setting up, daily maintenance troubleshooting and backup. The Domino servers were running as HTTP server as well as database and Email server, and with SQL server running as storage backend.

Performed development work in Notes using LotusScript and Java codes, and created Notes templates and Notes Agents using codes of Notes formula, LotusScript, Java and Notes security control. Developed, implemented and maintained Notes/Domino using client and web technologies, Notes formula, lotus script, HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML. Created script for notes embedded object to launch an MSWord template and populate with values from a notes document. Utilized OLE custom controls to embedded in forms. Created design specifications and change request for applications. Ensured validation process is completed for new and/or modified databases. Converted MSAccess databases to Lotus Notes. Assisted SQL developers with code functionality to add notes applications on the employee portal.

Customized mail template, analyzed mail template document deletion security. Performed upgrade of an automated Notes user registration system so Notes IDís could be downloaded from the web and trigger data could be processed from an additional source (used Lotus Domino Connectors to access SQL data; also developed a logging database)

Performed QA and code test, to help development team to do QA test before deployment of Notes and J2EE codes. Putting codes into test environment, to test and debug, and made modifications as required, and finally put the codes into production line. Used testing tools and also developed in house tools to test the performance and make sure the code complies with customer or design requirements. Conducted Investigation of each error or problem and made determination of the problem and fixed it and sent documentation to developers

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